Pup School

We are very excited to offer everyone this amazing opportunity!  LCDF has partnered with 4 Paws Training Academy to offer each of our clients the ability to send your pup to school before he/she comes home!  

Here your pup has the opportunity to learn basic commands, socialization, and house training.  So the only thing left for you to do is fall in love!  Mary Helm, is also a certified dog trainer.  This is very exciting!  She trains service and therapy dogs.  So if you would like to purchase one of our puppies for service or therapy, Mary at 4 Paws Training Academy can have your pup in top quality shape before he/she comes home. 

If Pup School is something that you are interested in please email me at whitney@lcdoodlefarm.com or call (270) 585-6197 for additional information and pricing!