Grady is our newest stud at LCDF!  He is a micro/mini multigenerational tuxedo goldendoodle weighing around 17lbs.  Grady is -/- for curl, meaning he will produce only fleecy and strait coat puppies.   
Grady's traits have been carefully selected through several hand-picked generations to produce the perfect teddy bear look:
ee (recessive red)
atat (double tan-point gene - phantom)
BB (double dominant black to darken the nose, eyeliner, and feet pads)
KBKy (Single copy of brindle)
lhlh (double long hair/fluffy gene)
SS (Does not carry "testable" Parti)
-/- (no curl giving the straight coat)
FF (double furnishing producing full beard & eyebrows)
Single copy for BMP3 (Shorter snout)