What's next?

We are as excited as you to see one of our beloved babies go to a new home and fill your life with as much joy as they do ours. After you reserve a puppy, here are the next steps to make the go-home process a success.


1. Arrange pick-up or delivery:

- On-site pickup: Contact Whitney (270-585-6353) or Mathew (270-585-6383) to schedule a convenient time for pickup. Typically pickups occur on weekends around noon, but let us know what works for you! If you do decide to make the drive, then be sure to bring a towel or mat for the ride home. We encourage you not to let your puppy out of your vehicle to potty until it makes it to your home to reduce the likelihood of contracting any life-threatening diseases. We typically skip a feeding and allow the puppies to "clear-out" before making the journey.

- Ground delivery service: If the drive is inconvenient, we also offer ground delivery services, where your puppy can be shipped to a specific meeting destination or to your home with one of our trusted nannies. Contact us for pricing and arrangement.

- Flight delivery service: If requiring flight, we work with a fantastic flight nanny who will deliver your puppy to your nearest airport. The puppy will not be stowed with other pets, instead it will be held in the flight nanny's lap and comforted the entire way. Contact Lance (972-505-9819) for pricing and arrangement.


2. Puppy Insurance:   

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- We absolutely want the go-home and transition process to be a magical time meant for bonding and learning one-another. With the newest addition in the house, accidents can happen, and because of this, we have partnered with Trupanion! Trupanion is allowing us to send home our puppies with 30 days of free insurance covering 90% of any unforeseen medical expense that one may encounter. You will be given a special code from us here at LCDF that allows you to activate your coverage instantly!

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3. Vitamins & Health Guarantee:

NuVet Plus

- Our puppies' health is of the the utmost importance to use here at LCDF. We strive to keep our puppies' immune systems high to ensure optimal growth and happiness. A boosted immune system also makes the transition process to your home and the new environment more predictable. Our mothers and puppies are all on a specialized regimen of NuVet vitamins. We highly recommend that you continue this regime for your growing puppy! If you choose to continue with the puppies' current regime and choose the NuVet Plus auto-ship option and keep your puppy on this, we will extend our traditional 1-Year-Genetic-Health-Guarantee to TWO years! Follow the link below to have your vitamins ordered and waiting for your puppy.  Use our special order code (704425) for our breeder discount. 

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4. BAXTER & Bella Puppy Support:

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- Nothing makes us happier than a smooth and seamless transition from our home and successfully into yours. This is why we partnered with BAXTER & Bella to give you a 25% discount to one of the best support programs on the market! The #1 item we recommend to every new pet owner is their LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, which never expires and includes unlimited access to everything! Just imagine a STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM of lessons and videos to follow, CLASSES & COURSES to attend, GAMES to play, ACTIVITIES for successful socialization, training tips & tricks, printable charts & checklists, as well as unlimited LIVE! HELP from their team of professional trainers, and so much more! Sign up today using discount code LAKECUMBERLAND.

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5. Amazon Wish-List:

- We have taken the guess work out of buying new puppy supplies.  Just follow the link below to see our carefully curated list from Amazon of puppy must-haves.

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