Join Our Wait-List

 Are you interested in becoming part of the Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm Family? 

First you will need to join our wait-list.  Email us at and she will get all your information and invoice you accordingly. The wait-list deposit is $50.  This holds your spot on our wait-list.**Wait-list deposits are refundable at any time, full refunds are not**

Once we have a litter born we will work our way down that list.  At this time you will pick a puppy and place the remaining deposit amount of $200.00.  If you do not see your dream puppy in that litter you may wait until he/she is born or we will refund you.  Our list stays at least litter out!

2020-2021 WAIT-LIST

1. Abernathy Family

2. Marcum Family

3. Hurley Family

4. Wilhite Family

5. Smith Family

6. Reiners Family (Full Deposit Paid) (Blue Eyes)

7. Howard Family

8. Cardenas Family

9. Golding Family

10. Linsangan Family

11. Price Family

12. Gwinn Family

13. Angela Family

14. Tony Lobb  (Full Deposit Paid)

15. Jones Family

16. Caudill Family (Full Deposit Paid)

17. Eason Family

18. Paula McNeely (Full Deposit Paid)

19. Olivia Gold (Mila x Teddy Spring Litter)

20. Katherine Marie (Full Deposit Paid)

(Picks will be between 2-3 weeks)

Willow x Teddy

Summer 2020

1. Zack Jones (Full Deposit Paid)

2. Renchen Family (Full Deposit Paid)

3. Alie Palmer (Pending Deposit)

4. Linda Franco (Partial Deposit Paid)

5. Abernathy Family

6. Holly Hurd

Piper x Teddy

Fall 2020

1. Breeders Choice



4. Angela Hipps (No Deposit)

London x Lincoln Pick List

FALL 2020

1. Luttrell Family

2. Michelle Melton Wilson Family (Full Deposit Paid)

3. Stephanie Downs

4. Abernathy Family

5. Holly Hurd

6. Julianna Velazquez (Full Depo Paid)

7. Connie Pollock

Ivy x Derby Pick List

Fall 2020





Daisy x Derby Pick List

Winter 2020

1. Breeders Choice

2. Labressa Haffner (IG) (Partial Depo Paid)

3. Batemon Family

4. Turner Family

5. Holly Hurd

London x Lincoln

Spring 2021

1. Batemon Family

2. Holly Hurd

3. Jina Estridge 

4. Connie Pollock 

5. Corey Stengal 

6. Stephanie Johnson 

7. Katrina Aguilar Smith

8. Ajoi Mcfarland

Willow X Teddy

Spring List 2021

1. Ajoi Mcfarland

2. Ashley Claypool

3. Connie Pollock

4. Ajoi Mcfarland

5. Amanda Harmon 

London x Lincoln 

Fall 2021

1. Breeders Choice

2. Millie Dyson 





"I cannot sing Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm's praises enough. We drove almost 4 hours to get our sweet baby Remington from their first litter, and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat! From the very start, Whitney was very responsive and accommodating - keeping us up to date with weekly photos, sending us extra pictures when we requested them, and letting us pick up when it was most convenient for us. I had peace of mind knowing his vaccines would be up-to-date, they included a health guarantee, he was well on his way to being crate- and potty-trained, and had been socialized even with children. When it came time to pick him up, we loved meeting Whitney and Matt. They were incredibly kind and thoughtful, sending us off with everything we needed, including a toy and a blanket with his mom's sent. Remy is twelve weeks now, and he is seriously the most perfect pup. We could not have asked for a better experience, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is on the hunt for their own fur baby."