Oliver's Puppies


Meet Oliver!

Our newest mini poodle stud. Oliver is a 9 out of 10 for RED Intensity, fleecy curls, and carries chocolate!  Weighing in at 10lbs, Oliver has superb structure and form.

Check out these genetics that sets him apart!
ee (recessive red)
aa (low intensity tan-point gene)
Bb (carries chocolate)
KyKy (no brindle)
lhlh (double long hair/fluffy gene)
CC (Double curl gene)
FF (double furnishing producing full beard & eyebrows)
Double copy for chr2 (Double Red Pigment)
Double copy for KITLG (Double Red Pigment)
Double copy for chr18 (Double Red Pigment)
Double copy for MFSD12 (Double Red Pigment)