Our Story

Our story began when we adopted a red standard poodle from an amazing breeder in Bardstown, Kentucky.  She was perfect.  Her personality won everyone over and before she was a year old we had received 1000's of messages about her on social media.  Daisy was a sensation.

Daisy was also our baby.  We talked about it for a long time and decided that we would breed her.  We searched endlessly for the perfect match.  I knew I wanted mini-medium f1b goldendoodles from the beginning.  I also wanted to keep her deep red color and pass that on to each of her babies.  Then, finally we found him, making Daisy a mom for the first time. 

She had 13 beautiful, healthy, red, curly babies that each stole our hearts all over again.  They were all sold before they were even a day old!  Our clients were just as eager for this day as I was.  As they grew so did their personalities, each their own.  

After what felt like raising 13 newborns at one time, "gotcha day" came fast and I had to watch each of them meet their new families and leave us.  I had no doubt that they had gotten the absolute best homes and I am reminded of this often as I watch them grow.