Meet the Luttrell's


We would love to give everyone a little insight about our personal lives outside of the doodle world & what sets us apart from everyone else, along with the faces behind lcdoodlefarm. We strive to create the perfect doodle every single time. To do this you must know so much more than what meets the common eye.

Whitney has a Bachelors in Psychology. She starts a chart on each baby the day they are born and begins a process that allows her to tell each potential new "Mommy or Daddy" what to expect with each puppy as far as the individual behavior of that puppy. 

Mathew has a Master's degree in Biology.  He keeps our genetics in perfect order allowing us to pair up the perfect temperaments and coats to get that look and easy going attitude everyone wants! 

Rayden, Henley & August are their 3 children.  They adore each puppy and lend a hand in social training and showering them with love.  We work with every puppy individually and as a group so they come home with the confidence it takes to please its new owners to the fullest potential. We follow Puppy culture protocols to shape your new puppies future!

-Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm
Mathew, Whitney, Rayden, Henley, & August