Griffin's Puppies

Meet Griffin!
His reputation for the current Best-Producing-Doodle stud is unrivaled! He is a mini multigen tuxedo goldendoodle weighing around 18lbs. Griffin's markings are perfection.  His fleecy loose curls, white tipped toes and tail, and full white chest have changed the world of doodles forever.  
Griffins traits have been carefully selected through several hand-picked generations to produce the perfect teddy bear look:
ee (recessive red)
atat (double tan-point gene - phantom)
BB (double dominant black to darken the nose, eyeliner, and feet pads)
lhlh (double long hair/fluffy gene)
SSp (single copy of solid & parti)
Cc (single curl giving the loose wave)
FF (double furnishing producing full beard & eyebrows)
Single copy for BMP3 (Shorter snout)
Double copy for MSRB3 (Floppy Ears)