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When I am assessing a litter, it is always in my best interest to keep one or two pups to consider for breeding stock. A guardian home candidate gets the 'cream of the crop' which is the pup with the best coat, confirmation, temperament, head shape, intelligence and trainability. I begin the screening process early - before they even leave here. (Every contract is custom made for each guardian and confidential.) This contract is required.

*Current vaccinations are the responsibility of Guardian home (other testing, eyes, heart, hips, breeder's responsibility) Yes initialed X ______

*Invisible Fence is a worthwhile investment if you have acreage, fenced yard okay. Yes initialed X_____ No Explained:________________________________________________________________________

*Live less than an hour of our location in Russell Springs, KY., Yes initialed X_______ Address info_____________________________________

*Can provide routine professional grooming. Yes X_________

*A willingness to help transport as needed for vet testing appointments. Yes initialed X________

*A good communicator that has a flexible nature. Yes X________ (thank-you!)

*Provide an approved excellent commercial diet. Yes: Explain diet regimen ___________________________________________________

*Contracts for females are generally for three to four litters at my discretion-A litter of three pups or less is not considered a litter (Dam is away from the family for approximately 6 weeks.) Once a week visits to the dam are welcomed-after the first month of puppy's life. Yes X__________

*I am willing to have Whitney “breed” the dog approximately 2x per year. Yes x___________________________

Essentially, a guardianship could provide you with a free Doodle. Please initial & then sign below. I agree to care for my puppy according to LCDF recommendations & instructions, where nutrition, training, microchip & vaccinations are concerned X______(providing LCDF with proof of such)

*I agree to love this puppy with all my heart and keep him/her safe from the danger of running away & being lost or injured; I will explain to Whitney how I will provide this safety for my puppy. Yes X_______

*I agree that the dog belongs to Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm until the dog births 3-4 full litters of puppies. After which all litters are birthed, Whitney will have the dog fixed, and then sign the dog ownership over to me. Yes X_________

*If the dog dies from an unnatural event I agree to pay $1500.00 to cover the cost of the dog to the owners at Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm. Yes X________

*I agree to call Whitney as soon as the first drop of blood hits the floor as the female has entered a heat cycle, in which Whitney will come and get the dog for breeding. I also agree to keep the female away from any male dogs during this time. Yes X_________

*If for any reason Whitney feels the dog is in danger, not being properly groomed, fed, and or cared for in any way she can come and remove the dog at any time until ownership is signed over. Yes X________

The breeder agrees to pay the guardian home a total of $500.00 per full litter of puppies birthed by the dog. This is courteous of us at Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm and our way of thanking you for giving one of our dogs a loving home. Proof of vaccines will need to be sent to the breeder at age appropriate vaccine times. All fees that are breeder related Whitney will pay for those costs at no cost to the Guardian Home.

If at any time you wish to resign caring for the dog, the dog must be returned to Whitney immediately.

This dog cannot be breed or studded by the Guardian home and only by the breeder. Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in loss of the dog in which case Whitney will come and remove the dog from your property.

Guardian Home Signed: _____________________________________

Breeder Signed:____________________________________________


Several times throughout the year we will hold a puppy from a litter in hopes that she/he will pass all his or her testing to become a mommy or daddy in our program.  When we do this we will be looking for a guardian home. 

What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is, 

The benefits to the Guardian family are they receive a top-quality puppy/dog, that must meet the strictest requirements to be in our breeding program, for such a low cost. They are also offered discounts on grooming, boarding, etc. Plus, they get compensated for each litter produced (female). The puppy/dog also has a large panel of genetic tests done at the Breeder's expense.

The guardian puppy/ dog is benefited because they receive all the attention they could ever want from their Guardian Home.    


Once the guardian dog is of breeding age and on her second to third heat cycle she would come stay with us to be bred for around a week.  She is then returned to her guardian family where she will stay for the duration of her pregnancy until the week before her due date (56 days).  A week before her due date she would come back to our home to deliver,  raise, and wean her puppies for 6-7 weeks.  We pay for all pregnancy-related veterinary expenses and testing.  Not only is the guardian home getting a puppy for a very reduced price, but they are also compensated for each litter. The amount of litters the guardian dog will have is dependent on the female. When she completes her breeding obligations, we spay her for you at our expense, and she comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for her.


A male guardian dog is much more simpler than a female. He is only needed for 2-3 days at time for breeding purposes, and then will be returned to his guardian family. If doing artificial insemination, he can even be returned the same day. Males are typically retired before 6 years old, and his neuter surgery will be paid at our expense. 


When the Guardian dog goes into estrus (heat), the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female has a heat cycle that lasts between 10 and 21 days every 6-8 months. We will keep a female for 5-7 days while she is being bred. Once she has been bred, she will be returned to and remain with her Guardian Family during her pregnancy (63 days) then a week before her due date, she comes back to stay with us so that we can help her to deliver her puppies. They will all remain with us while she raises and weans her puppies.  

Guardian puppies/ dogs may be any age, but most likely will be around 8 weeks old. During the first year, we will have most of her/his genetic health testing completed. Once we receive the test results we decide whether or not the guardian dog will enter our breeding program officially.  If a dog does not pass testing or it's decided that he/she will not be added to our program the guardian family will be offered full ownership of the dog and he/she will be spayed/neutered at the breeder's expense. 

If you’re receiving a Guardian Home Puppy or Young Adult, we will require a visit to our guardians home every few months during the first year to assess the puppy, as well as, build a relationship with him/her for the future.  

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