Health Guarantee

Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm

(270) 585-6197 Russell Springs, Ky. 42642 _______________________________________________________________
Puppy Information: Breed: F1B Mini/Medium Goldendoodle
Birthdate: 01/05/19 Male/Female:
Puppy’s Name:
Color/Markings: Red
Dewormed at: 2, 4, & 6 Weeks (Pyrantel)
Vaccines Given:
Breeders Veterinarian: Darrell Coffey DVM 113 Lakeway Dr; Russell Springs, Kentucky 42642 (270) 866-5193
New Owner’s Information:
Breeder Information: Name: Whitney Carter & Mathew Luttrell
Address: 4840 E. HWY 619; Russell Springs, Ky. 42642
Phone: (270) 585-6197
Puppy Contract & Health Guarantee:
Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm (270) 585-6197 Russell Springs, Ky. 42642 ________________________________________________________________
It is Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm’s desire that each of our puppies be placed in homes that are well equipped for taking care of a goldendoodle puppy. We also have a desire to give our new owners a chance to take the puppy to your own vet within three business days from the purchase date to ensure that the puppy is healthy as portrayed. When your puppy goes to a new home, the puppy has been vet checked by our veterinarian and deemed to be healthy. Any health issues found by our vet will be disclosed to you.
Your puppy will have been dewormed and will have had his/her first round of vaccines. You will receive your puppy's vaccine record prior to your puppy leaving with you. Please provide this record to your vet. If your vet finds that for some reason the puppy is not healthy, having a life threating problem, you may return the puppy during the first three days and receive your money back. Any travel fees incurred will be the responsibility of the new puppy’s owner. A full written report from your vet is required for reimbursement. Also, if your puppy develops a serious genetic defect during the first year of life, after our vet concurs, you will be offered a new puppy to replace the defective dog.
The puppy will be breeder's choice and will be given as soon as a puppy is available. No cash will ever be returned for a puppy except within the first three days and only if the puppy is deemed to have a life-threatening illness that was acquired in the breeder's care or has a life threatening genetic defect. The breeder agrees to take the puppy back at any given time for any reason, but with no money in return. Transportation for the new puppy or return of the ill puppy is the responsibility of the new owner(s).
The breeder is in no way responsible for any acquired diseases, traumatic induced injury, illness or injury caused by nutritional neglect, disease related to old age, or anything else not specifically guarantees are null and void. All vet bills related to the puppy are the responsibility of the new owner as long as the new owners have possession of the puppy. Lake Cumberland Doodle Farm recommends that all our puppies have continuous access to fresh water throughout its life and be fed high quality puppy food during its first year of life.
______________________________________________________________  Owner(s)
 The above described puppy that is being purchased by said owner(s) is healthy and in good condition to the best of my knowledge.