Our Mommy's

This is Daisy, she is a red moyen poodle, she weighs 35 pounds.  Daisy is very gentle, calm, and proud.  She is a wonderful mommy! She produces beautiful mini-medium babies with deep red curly coats. 

This is Ivy, she is a standard poodle.  She will be a future mini-medium mommy to our f1b babies. Ivy is a chocolate poodle.  She is a very smart, loving, and calm girl. Her and Daisy are the best of friends! 

This is Molly, she is a standard F1 goldendoodle.  She produces mini-medium F1b babies. Molly is abstract with lots of white on her chest and paws.  She is a very smart, loving, easy to train girl. She lives in a wonderful Guardian Home and has her own family that loves her very much!

This is Willow. She is a f1b mini deep red golden doodle with a curly coat.  She will be a future micro mini mom to deep red babies.  She is a very smart girl that loves to give kisses.  She has been with us since birth. She produces that glowing red baby that she is so known for! 

This is Piper. Piper is a f1b mini Saint Berdoodle.  She will be the future Mommy of mini St. Berdoodle's here on the farm.  We have searched for the perfect girl to add and finally found her!  She is very sweet and loving.  

This is London. London is a mulitgen red and white parti mini goldendoodle. She produces red, tuxedo, and aprocot mini & micro babies. 

This is Mila is a f1 Bernedoodle. She has a beautiful coat and has the most perfect tri colorings. Mila is calm natured, smart, and loves to please. She has amazing tri, parti, and abstract babies. 



Meet Mossy,

She is a F1 red abstract cavapoo. Mossy has amazing red flowing waves and will be a new mama here starting in 2021. We expect her babies to be mini-micro f1b's

Meet Miss Magic,

She is a F1b red tuxedo mini goldendoodle. Magic is full tight curls and looks just like a real like Boyds Bear! We are excited to announce that she will start producing babies in 2021. She lives with the best guardian home possible. She is loved very very much. 

Meet Bea,

Bea is Willow + Teddy's daughter and will be the future of that line. She is a mini f1bb red tuxedo goldendoodle. You should expect to start seeing minis from her in 2021. Bea is guardian homed with some of my favorite people. We get to see her very often. She has lots of little hands that loves her extra! 

 **Pictures coming soon

Meet Juniper, 

Juniper is a micro f1bb saint berdoodle. She is such a pretty girl. We will likely pair her with Griffin and have double doodles in 2121. We are so excited for this mixture. Juniper is very sweet and playful. She lives with my brother and sister-in-law.

 **Pictures coming soon