Oliver Stud Service
Oliver Stud Service
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Oliver Stud Service

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The fee listed is a 50% deposit that's required to lock in the male. 

An estimated time frame must be given to ensure the availability of the stud.


10lb Intense Red Poodle

Take a look at his EmbarkVet Genetic Report

aa Bb  ee  FF  ++  KyKy  SS
9:1 Red Intensity
Low Intensity Tan Point
Double Furnished & Curl

You have just found the most unbelievable stud for your Golden, Aussie, Bernese, Cavalier, etc... that you've been looking for!!!  This tiny guy does not carry brindle or parti/pied, meaning those tan points and phantom markings will be visible!  His high intensity red coloration will enrich those cream coats and darken those tan points, creating the highly sought after "Cherry Tans".  He carries two strong Furnishing genes, preventing any of his offspring from shedding no matter what type of female you have.  He also carries the CHOCOLATE varient "bc" which is the primary chocolate gene that breeders are searching for! 


CDDY/CDPA - Carrier (Single Copy)
240 Health Traits - CLEAR
ALT - Carrier (Single Copy)

PROVEN:  Oliver had his first litter of Aussie doodles in summer of 2023, and has since produced some of the most gorgeous phantom cavapoos, bernedoodles, and aussiedoodles, along with enriching and shrinking our goldendoodle lines in our program. 

Cost per Breeding Style:

  1. Live Cover (Natural Mating) or Side-by Side (Assisted Mating):  $1,000 - boarding at no additional cost if staying no more than 3 days.  Encouraged method of breeding if living within a reasonable driving distance of South Central KY.  Ensure that female is free of diseases.
  2. Transvaginal/cervical Artificial Insemination (TVI/TCI):  $1,200 - Performed in-house.  Most common method of AI requiring both dogs present without either physically mating.
  3. Fresh-Chilled Semen (Extended Semen): $1,500 - Collected and combined with semen extender, then shipped overnight in a chilled container.  This will require the recipient to cover the costs of insemination if using a vet.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The remainder fee for this mating is payable at the conclusion of breeding.
  2. If no pregnancy results, a return service will be given to the same bitch on her next heat cycle, and to my male if available.
  3. If the above stud is not available, the kennel may substitute an equally nice male of their choosing.
  4. The stud owner needs to be notified within one week after the puppies’ due date if no pregnancy results to be eligible for the free return service.
  5. One puppy whelped alive constitutes a litter.
  6. No cash refund will be given if no pregnancy occurs either time.

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